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What is the 3-Share Plan? The Galveston 3-Share Plan is a health benefits program offered to employees of small employers in Galveston County.  The program will allow qualified employers to offer affordable health benefits to their employees with a $180 per month cost split three ways.  Employers will pay $60 per month per employee, and each participating employee will pay $60 per month.  A combination of Houston Endowment grant funds and UTMB funds will pay for the third share of the monthly cost. Eligibility Requirements Employer eligibility criteria: 
  • Must be located within Galveston County
  • Must have at least two, but not more than 50, W-2 employees
  • At least half of eligible employees must enroll in the plan (if a business has exactly two employees, both must enroll)
  • Must have been in business for at least 12 months prior to enrollment, verified by IRS documentation, and may not have provided group health insurance benefits to employees during that time period
  • Maximum median annual income for all employees is $50,000
 Employee eligibility criteria: 
  • Employer must be enrolled in the plan
  • At the time of enrollment, employee may not be covered by any governmental health insurance benefits plan, such as Medicare or Medicaid
  • Employee must work an average annual minimum of 20 hours per week
  • Employee only coverage
 Plan Benefits Benefits include primary care, hospitalization, pharmacy, and mental health care as follows: 
·       Primary or specialty care:  20 visits/year, $15 and $30 co-payments respectively
·         Hospitalization:  30 day annual maximum, not to exceed $50,000 annually; $200 co-payment per hospitalization
·         ER visits, scans, and outpatient surgery:  $75 co-pay per incident
·         Outpatient pharmacy:  $1,200 per year maximum; $25 co-pay for generics; $50 non-generic
·         Outpatient mental health:  12 visits per year, $30 co-payment per visit
·         Lifetime maximum benefit:  $250,000
·         Covered benefits will be provided by the 3-Share Plan network, made up primarily of UTMB facilities and providers Phone  (409) 766-4058,  Fax  (409) 747-0896, or  jim.rodriguez@utmb.edu



 The Galveston Chamber of Commerce, in conjunction with Texas Coalitions Inc., has created a health coalitions program for small businesses. This program was made possible by the passage of HB 897 during the 78th regular session of the Texas Legislature. It allows smaller employers with less than 50 employees to join together to form coalition groups and obtain rates from any small group insurance carrier offering coverage in Texas.

The Galveston Chamber of Commerce offers the coalition option to its members, and small businesses that decide to participate in a coalition will benefit by being a Chamber member. The combined premiums for the employers in the first coalition were 39 percent lower than if each had purchased their own group health insurance plan. To be connected to the Texas Coalitions application web page, click here. You can navigate through the site for more information. This application is NOT a contract and there is no charge to submit it. Important: In order to submit your information, you must click on "Other" in the "Found Us Where?" box. In the "Comment/ Questions" box, indicate that you are a member of the Galveston Chamber of Commerce.

For more information call  409 763-5326.

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