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Promoting & Advocating for Business and Community Development Since 1845

Lunch and a Big Shot of Life with “The Exercise Doctor”

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Lunch and a Big Shot of Life with “The Exercise Doctor”

GALVESTON, TX – The Health and Wellness Committee of the Galveston Regional Chamber of Commerce is hosting a Fitness Expo, Lunch and A Big Shot of Life with Bobby Whisnand, “The Exercise Doctor”, Thursday, July 7, 11:00 am – 1 pm, at the San Luis Hotel Ballroom.

Bobby Whisnand, author, Personal Trainer, exercise therapy specialist, and sports nutritionist, is the keynote speaker at the inaugural Health & Wellness Committee luncheon.

What is it that the American Heart Association, Southwest Airlines, Texas Instruments, Frito Lay and Texas Health’s National Convention have in common? They have all invited fitness expert Bobby Whisnand to speak to their companies about the importance of exercise and fitness to the overall health of their perspective companies. His presentation correlating personal fitness and the inner workings of a company in terms of gaining and developing mobility, is one of the reasons he is such a popular speaker in the corporate world.

Having given over 500 presentations to hospitals, physician groups, national organizations and conferences, he is a popular, charismatic speaker whose message motivates his audiences to invest in their health. Bobby puts the heart at the center each of his keynote presentations. With topics like, “Live Your Life in Dog Years” and “Honor The Commitment”, he teaches everyone how to stay young¸ manage stress, and to take care of the longest, most important relationship any of us will ever have; the relationship with our hearts.

Lunch and a Big Shot of Life with "The Exercise Doctor"Internationally certified as a Specialist in Exercise Therapy, Behavior Therapy, Sports Nutrition, and a Cooper Clinic Certified personal trainer for more than 21 years, Whisnand is endorsed by the American Heart Association, Dallas Division, and over 100 surgeons and physical therapists who currently prescribe his It’s All Heart fitness program to their patients.

Bobby Whisnand has completed more than 6,000 individual evaluations for bariatric pre and post operations, fitness evaluations for Arthroscopic Surgery and Medicine, Sports Medicine, Physical Rehabilitation and Fitness Design, Functional Movement of the Athlete, and Health and Rehabilitation.

As a personal trainer, he has developed and monitored fitness programs for individuals, athletes, groups, corporations, special needs children, and has developed off season programs for high school and college athletes.

Founder and owner of the It’s All Heart program, he speaks on behalf of the American Heart Association, Dallas Division, and coached Special Olympics for 7 years.

Bobby Whisnand is the author of the motivational self help books “It’s All Heart”, “A Body to Die Far: The Painful Truth About Exercise”, and “12 Rounds: A Day to Day Guide to a Better Life” and is followed on Face book, Twitter, YouTube, and Books will be available at the Fitness Expo for purchase and book signing.

The Galveston Regional Chamber of Commerce has been promoting and advocating for business and community development since 1845. The first Chamber established in the State of Texas, the Galveston Chamber represents more than 850 businesses in the region and welcomes new members. To join contact, (409) 763-5326 or go to

The Fitness Expo opens at 11 am, luncheon and presentation 11:30 am – 1 pm, Thursday, July 7, San Luis Ballroom. Tickets include lunch, presentation and Fitness Expo ; $40 Chamber Members, $50 Future Chamber Members, Sponsor Table for 8, $500., Christy Benson (409) 763-5326.

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