My Galveston is…

In early 2013, members of the Galveston Regional Chamber of Commerce C-Crewe, a young professionals group with over 160 members, began to have a conversation about their city. All had similar experiences of hearing things about Galveston that weren’t necessarily true or simply wrong. Sometimes these thoughts came from those who commuted to the island to work, sometimes they came from local citizens.

That talk gave birth to the idea of the My Galveston campaign. Meeting after work and on weekends for the last two years in a volunteer capacity, C-Crewe members came together to create a public relations campaign and marketing strategy with the mission to promote the island as a great place to live, raise a family and work. Its vision: increase the number of families living on the island and promote positive perceptions about island living.

Members of the My Galveston committee are diverse. They are employed by a wide variety of island businesses, including The University of Texas Medical Branch, the Mills Shirley law firm, Galveston ISD, the Galveston Educational Foundation, Landry’s, Moody National Bank, HomeTown Bank, University Federal Credit Union, Stewart Title, and Yaga’s Entertainment Group. A few run their own businesses such as Ryson Realty and Crossfit Tidal Wave.

Some come from generations of “born on the island” and some are “islander by choice.” Several are parents to small children who chose to build their families here; some are new homeowners, and some are renters. Despite all these different backgrounds, the one thing that unifies the committee is its love of Galveston and the fulfilling lifestyle it provides in a beautiful, unique, and historic coastal community.

Ultimately, the My Galveston campaign seeks to increase the number of people who call the island home by partnering with public and private businesses, civic organizations, foundations and educational institutions. It encourages all groups to promote Galveston Island by sharing the positive reality of island life and presenting facts so people can make an informed decision when actively looking at Galveston as a place to live and work. The idea is to have everyone deliver the same clear message that will have a powerful impact on people considering Galveston as their home.

The My Galveston committee seeks to oversee the strategic plan, provide information and resources and work with others to promote the island as a great place to live. The committee is currently seeking donors and investors. It is building partnerships with community stakeholders and major employers to fund the campaign.

This plan is sustainable, utilizing free tools such social media, the newly built MyGalveston.com website, face-to-face interactions at events that draw large crowds to Galveston, and through traditional means, such as a regional advertising campaign that reaches as far as north Texas and into Louisiana. It will monitor success through company surveys, school enrollment and real estate data.

This non-profit campaign has no other agenda than to see the city grow in a positive direction by sharing true facts about Galveston lifestyle, safety, schools and housing. It has been designed to be an initiative the entire community can get behind. We truly believe My Galveston will have a huge impact on all who call the island home today and those who will make it their home in the future, building an even better city for everyone.

Visit www.MyGalveston.com for more information!

Download the economic impact sheet here.

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