Student Discounts

Frios Gourmet Pops


Featured Discount

Frios Pops and Island Froyo offers 10% discounts to all college students.

SD Fit-6


Featured Discount

SD Fit 6, the island's hottest new kickboxing gym, offers a 10% discount off general membership for all college students!

CrossFit Tidal Wave


Featured Discount

We offer free foundations/beginner's course for college students and a semester discount.

Featured Discount

10% Discount on All Mechanical Work and 5% Off on All Auto Detailing for College Students with Valid ID!! Contact us at 409-740-7500

The Island Coffee Wench


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10% Discount on All Coffee & Tea Drinks for College Students with Valid ID! The Island Coffee Wench has Comfortable Study Space with free WIFI!

MOD Coffeehouse


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We at MOD love our students and aim to provide a warm, welcoming place for students to study and gather with their friends and family. We offer a wide range of amenities to support students in their school activities and island life.

Open 7am – 10pm, Monday – Friday and 8am -10pm Saturday / Sunday
- Safe and welcoming place for all persons and communities
- Free Wifi (indoors & outside on our beautiful patio)
- Large side room with numerous outlets to plug in laptops (at student request, room is music free to accommodate studying)
- Conference room with large dry-erase board and chalkboards available free to reserve for study, discussion, student groups
- The MOD Card (11th drink is free; may also be used as a pre-paid account or gift card)
- Free live music on the MOD patio (Friday / Saturday evenings)
- Community board with information on housing, local services & events
- SCI Café: Where Science & Communities Interact
( https://www.utmb.edu/coec/home/sci-cafe -https://www.facebook.com/scicafegalveston/)
- Dog friendly patio (our four-legged friends must be on a leash)
- Bottomless coffee to help power through finals time!

For updates on happenings at the MOD please check us out at www.modcoffeehouse.com.
For the love of coffee & community!

Escape the Island


Featured Discount

We offer our area college students a $2.00 discount off the ticket price for entry into the Escape the Island Escape room. You will find our website at  www.escapetheisland.com. We can also be reached at 832-221-8080 or at info@escapetheisland.com.

Admiral Level Members
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The Recovery Assurance Plan (FINAL)
Middleton Oil Co

Promoting & Advocating for Business and Community Development Since 1845

Contact Us


2228 Mechanic, Suite 101

Galveston Island, Texas 77550



Advocacy. The Business Advocacy Committee shall be charged with the primary responsibility to promote a positive and pro-active business environment in the Galveston area through the following activities:

  1. Developing and supporting local governmental action which promotes a strong business climate and job growth opportunities.
  2. Opposing local governmental action which inhibits a strong business climate and diminishes job growth opportunities.
  3. Establishing productive relationships between business interests and public officials.
  4. Providing forums to inform public officials and candidates for public office on issues impacting the business community.
  5. Providing forums to educate the membership on issues impacting the business community.
  6. Communicating official Chamber positions to the appropriate public officials prior to their action on the issue.
  7. Identifying and supporting individuals to serve on public Commissions and Boards.
  8. Endeavoring to hold public officials accountable for their actions and the resulting impact on the business community. This may be accomplished by the circulation of public official voting records to the Chamber membership on any issue on which the Chamber has communicated an official position.

Advocacy Committee meets the 2nd Tuesday of every month, in conjunction with Legislative Affairs, 8:00 am, in the Chamber Board Room.

Comite de Negocios (Spanish Businesses Committee). This committee's mission is to advocate and act as a liaison for the hispanic owned business community within the region.

The Comite de Negocios meets the 2nd Monday of every month, 8:00 am, in the Chamber Board Room.

C-Crewe. The C-Crewe’s objective is to engage professionals under forty in the Galveston business community, as well as the Chamber of Commerce.

C-Crewe meets the 2nd Friday of every month, 10:00 am, at various locations.

Doolin Maritime Career Pathways. As a committee of the Galveston Chamber of Commerce, the Doolin Maritime Pathways Crew is a coalition of educators, organizations, and businesses that promote local workforce development for the maritime industry.

The Doolin Maritime Career Pathways Committee meets the 3rd Friday of every month, 7:30 am, in the Chamber Board Room.

Education. The mission of this committee is to enhance the quality, accessibility, choice, and usefulness of education for all students, and to support the economic, social, and political viability of Galveston Island.

Education Committee meets the 1st Friday of every month, 7:30am, various locations.

Executive Committee. This committee meets the 2nd Friday of every month, 8:00 am, Chamber offices.

Golf Tournament. The Golf Tournament is a fundraiser for the Chamber.

This committee meets monthly beginning in May, with the exact scheduled to be determined at that time.

Legislative Affairs. The mission for this committee is to advocate through the Legislature for member businesses, providing a voice to not only the State, but at a National level as well.

This committee meets the 2nd Tuesday of every month, 8:00 am, in the Chamber Board Room.

Lemonade Day. Lemonade Day Galveston County, which is an initiative of the Galveston Regional Chamber’s Education Committee, empowers today’s youth to become tomorrow’s entrepreneurs. Youth of all ages – from pre-K through high school, across Galveston County can register.

Lemonade Day Committee meets the 1st Friday of every month, 10:00 am, Chamber Board Room.

Membership Development. This committee is tasked with growing and retaining the membership base, through continual review of membership levels and benefits, and listening to the members, their requests, and requirements.

This committee meets the 1st Thursday of every month, 2:00 pm, Chamber offices.

Pelican Island and Galveston Channel Advocacy. This committees mission is promoting and advocating for existing and future land owners and businesses on Pelican Island and the Port of Galveston and its tenants.

This committee meets the 2nd Monday of every month, 11:30 am, at various member locations.

Women’s Conference. The mission of this committee is to give women in the region an opportunity to come together, share and learn from each other.

Women’s Conference Committee meets the 1st Thursday of every month, 3:00 pm in the Chamber Board Room.

Work Force Development. The mission of this committee is to identify skill sets that match employment opportunities in the Galveston Region.

Work Force Development Committee meets the 3rd Wednesday of every month, 9:00 am in the Chamber Board Room.